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  • When will I get my photos back?
    Your pictures will be mailed to you as soon as possible. For regular sessions, anywhere between 1-4 weeks is the norm. For weddings, it can take 6-16 weeks. I usually get them done much sooner than this but it just depends on the workload at that time. Spring and summer are peak times for weddings. I do my best to show you at least some of your images almost immediately. Please try to be patient. :) If you have any certain photos you MUST have before they are all delivered to you via mail, just let me know! I can send you over some images via e-mail! I do my best to accommodate your needs!
  • Can I please order prints?
    Sure! You certainly can. I provide you with a disc or USB with all of your files and a copyright release so you can print and share whatever you would like with your family. If you would like me to do your prints for you, I can certainly do so but it does add cost to your package.
  • Why didn't you get any pictures of my Great Aunt Sally?
    Please know that we do our best to get EVERY photo that you could dream of and we try our hardest to accommodate your needs. The photographers generally do not know who is who at your wedding unless you tell us. For this reason, we always request a "shot list" at least 24 hours prior to the wedding. This list tells us what photos are most important to you to ensure we can be proactive. Never be afraid to come up to us and ask for a photo! If you realize you forgot to add a photo with Great Aunt Sally to the shot list, tap us on the shoulder and we will take a photo for you right then and there. We are YOUR photographers after all! :)
  • Can we meet beforehand to discuss details?
    ABSOLUTELY! There is a contract that needs to be filled out for weddings so we can do this when we meet in person or you can print it out, sign it and send it by mail. We can meet for coffee and discuss the details of your event. You can bring sample pictures, show me what styles you like, etc. I am always available by e-mail as well! Feel free to e-mail me any ideas or questions you may have or a link to your Pinterest board! ;)
  • How much does it cost to book a session with you?
    Please message me via the contact button to go over pricing. Sessions start at $300 and weddings start at $1600.
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